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Missoula Club
Missoula, MT

2005 Steve Saroff
No one but Michelle and me on the street.
It was a nice evening.
The Missoula Club use to be half its present size. It was just one narrow, long room with a bar. Big sign in the window that said, "Mixed Drinks," though no bartender there would ever do anything more complex than a vodka tonic. The place never had music. It was ugly, fluorescent lit, grimy and bright: a perfect place for telling stories. A True Irish bar, a place to talk.

Here is a photo I took in the Missoula club of my great friend Phil Maloney, who died in 1998. This place has ghosts for me, in the bar, on the sidewalk, on the street... Missoula is a lonely town now...
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John M. Bennett
Wed, Apr 18 2007 3:57 pm MDT
I knew old Phil Maloney, too. Great photo of him.Cool photos of the neon in Missoula. My wife and I have some framed photos of the neon MO Club and Red's signs in our home in Missoula.Thanks.

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