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Liza Briggs.
Walking in downtown missoula, autumn day.
We had just come from a coffee shop, talking about a paper she is writing about Knut Hamsun. Maybe because I have been re-reading Hamsun books (Pan, Hunger, Victoria) all my life, Liza said that I remind her or characters in those books... kind of un-nerving, she slides the copy of Hunger over to me, and shows me a paragraph that has been marked, 'steve,' and Yikes! Yep... sounds like me...

So i took this photo of her because that is what the Lt. would have done (if digital cameras had been around in the 1880's); would have saved the whole issue of taking a shoe off and throwing it into the water....
Read Pan if you haven't.
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Fri, Oct 13 2006 7:29 am MDT

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