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Pioneer plaque, that was on board the Pioneer 10 and the Pioneer 11, saying 'hello, hello, we are here, we are here.'

These were launched into space in the early 1970s, and left the solar system in the 1980s. Lonely reach for contact... with vast amount of info etched onto a very small space.

I've been feeling like photos on web sites are sort of like this (especially for all the visitors who don't know me at all): symbols that can be quite arcane....

Anyway, it is late summer. Only a few days away from the official start of Autumn, and here in Missoula it is like we are about to leave the comfort of sunlight and head into someplace dark... then again, my favorite season is Autumn.

Try to figure out what those symbols mean... when you give up , click Here, to go to the Wikipedia entry about the Pioneer plaque

Someone pointed out to me that these symbols are "so 70s," with the man being active and the woman being passive. That may be so, but to me it looks like the woman is the smart one, ie, waiting to see who the alien is before she waves... A zillion years from now when some one/thing might find the spacecraft, lets just hope that humans are still around... sigh...
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