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Concrete is often a primary factor when you are endeavoring on a hot tub installation project. Four inches thick with a solid cure will insure that your hot tub doesn't melt through the ground. Because let's face it: A hot tub is big and heavy, much like an elephant. After a short amount of time, if there is no solid concrete base, you risk actually losing your hot tub within the soft, quicksand like soil.

The spa chemicals I use are very clear. You would think they might be pungent and make buying a discount hot tub a real dark road to tread. You don't know if the spa chemicals will react in the local water stream and wind up polluting the local rivers and valley. But it actually saves time to just throw some natural spa chemicals into your hot tub, put your hot tub cover on top of it for a few hours to let it mix, and then just jump on in. While the bacteria can be killed around you, you can feel that your skin is healthy and not even dry or scratchy.

My fiberglass portable hot tub is great because it plugs right into the wall outlet. I didn't need to have any special electrical engineers or professional companies do the job for me. Plus, my fiberglass portable hot tub only weighs a few hundred pounds. Some weigh about a thousand. But I wanted it to be really simple. Just throw some bromine and chlorine in there and I'm ready to get this party started!

When you have a party at your house in your new portable hot tub, don't forget to remind all of the pregnant women that they shouldn't get in. Yes, it's true - hot tubs can sometimes induce miscarriages. As long as you know the risk, however, you should be fine. And that's why I'm here. Also litigation can occur if you don't keep your hot tub regularly cleaned. That's why I use a nice thick foam hot tub cover. It's bound in leather and is a funky green color.

If you're going to have a portable hot tub, I don't recommend the blow up kind. These can randomly explode if you put too much air in them. Plus, it's a lot of money to put all of that water in the tub - 500 pounds of water - and the last thing you need is to blow it all. If you're out in the woods and a pine needle pops the thing, then you are in big trouble ! Portable hot tubs should at least have an iota of strength to them, and the blow-up kind of portable hot tubs aren't very strong.

There are a lot of rules to remember when you buy a hot tub filter. One of these is to make sure that the spa runs at least one hour a day, even if no one is using it. This ensures that the spa chemicals are circulating a nice, high rate and are killing those diseases. But it also makes sure that the filter is being worked. Just like a car that needs to be driven, you spa chemicals need to be emitted. Your discount hot tub needs to be cleaned like never before and the petrified bones found in the diatomaceous earth filters are a good place to start!

I have begun to store my old hot tub cover on my deck. My deck is made out of cedar just like the hot tub cover, so it fits in without sticking out. The last thing I want is to have Gary seeing that the spa speakers have been trounced in the process. But that's okay because he's really focused on the spa lock right now. The spa lock actually locks the hot tub cover! It was either this, he said, or put the hot tub down into the ground and put mud and trees over it so it wouldn't be seen. I think his biggest concern is making sure that the little kids in the neighborhood don't pee in it, and if they do, it's on top of our yellow parchment hot tub cover.

Your hot tub deck must take into affect the corrosion that sometimes occurs from spa chemicals and the iron and zinc oxides that are found in some hot tubs. And let's not forget, the basic chlorine in the water! Chlorine does not only kill bugs, it also kills the nice finish on your redwood deck. The lag screws and washers - 3/8 to ¼ inch - will really help to keep your deck together, even if it faces a storm of bills from the discount hot tub center.

Hot tub decks should be built around 4" higher or lower than the door frame. If there is any more room than this, you run into trouble in the area of leaks. If the hot tub springs a leak, then you can flood your house. So talk to your water company and the company that administers your spa chemicals to make sure there are no risks of permanently damaging your carpet. I recommend talking to some architects and engineers before actually building a giant water vat on your deck because water is a lot heavier than you think it is - it's one of nature's most powerful forces!

My discount hot tub has a strong understructure because it is made of polyethylene. It can support large weight structures, which will be needed for my friends. Part of my hot tub is made out of fiberglass, I would imagine. I have put my hot tub out on the deck which has been a lifelong goal of mine. But now that I'm getting older part of me thinks having a Jacuzzi on the deck is not that smart because I forgot to buy a hot tub cover. Hot tub covers are really important because germs can infect you. I hear that certain hot tub filters ca be a lifesaver if you buy the right one at the right discount. Sometimes I get scared to be in my hot tub alone because I haven't poured the right chemical amount in all the time.

My Jacuzzi hot tub cover can fit into really tight spaces I notice. Besides being under the fir tree, I have placed mine inside the garage. I have always wondered if someone might develop a patent to make a hot tub cover that can literally fit in the palm of my hand. That might give my hand some chemical reactions to the hot tub spa, but it would be worth it because then I could carry my hot tub cover in my pocket. I wonder if this is what they mean by portable hot tubs.

When I want instant hydrotherapy and relaxation, I set up my outdoor fiberglass portable hot tub. While it may not have all the jets and perks of normal hot tubs, it still delivers the hot water. This is because it is equipped with a heater. I like to sit out in the middle of the night and pretend that I am actually in the natural hot springs of mother-nature, and imagine that there is a waterfall hitting my back. The crickets don't seem to mind me, although the spa chemicals do affect them here and there.

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Discount Spas Spa Chemicals Indoor amp Portable Hot Tubs Spas
Discount spas, spa chemicals, and portable hot tubs can be found at Our home saunas and spas are more affordable than you may

No one likes the colors, but otherwise great
Discount spa chemicals spa chemical spa filters spa filter spa
Specializing in spa chemicals, spa filters, spa supplies, spa heaters, hot tub covers, hot tub chemicals and spa equipment. Look no further for a spa

Site is ok and data is better.
Pool Spa amp Hotub chemicals and products H2O Outlet - 155 South
Spa & Pool Care Chemicals and Softub Products - H2O Outlet - 155 South Rosemont Road Virginia Beach, VA 23462.

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Spa care products. Leisure Time Chemicals
Leisure Time Chemicals, Spa parts, Spa trouble shooting, covers chemicals guide water treatment for spas hottubs hot tubs.

It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.
Maine Hot Tubs and Spas Hot Tub and Spa Chemicals Accessories
Levesque Spa Located in Benton Maine providing high quality hot tubs and spas to the state of Maine for over 35 years!

This well known site has a lot to offer.
Elite Pool amp Spa - Pools Spas Supplies Billiards - Syracuse
Come check out our floor models or create your own Bullfrog Spa. Elite Pool and Spa offers the highest quality pool and spa chemicals on the market

Some improvement with new release.
Baquacil Spa Chemicals
Baquacil Spa Chemicals - $20 (Newhall, CA) Date: 2008-06-24, 2:32PM PDT $75 worth of Baquacil spa chemicals; pick up in Newhall, CA

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Hot Tub and Spa Chemicals Find Sales - NationWide Sales - new york
Jun 25, 2008 Manhattan. Hot Tub and Spa Chemicals Find Sales - NationWide Sales.

Good potential here.
phoenix chemicals - buy sell trade classifieds -
Hot Tub & Spa Chemicals, Covers, and Products on Sale! 480-703-6036 Picture (Phoenix Area) miscellaneous. Sun. May. 11. Wholesale swim spas and more at true

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Swimming Pool Cleaning Supplies
Clear cloudy spa water or cloudy hot tub water with highly More effective In The Swim Spa Clarifier. Spa chemicals and hot tub supplies from In The Swim,

No idea what this is about at all
Swimming Pool Chemicals Cleaners Heaters Parts amp Filters
the fastest delivery, and the best customer service available for all pool and spa chemicals and supplies. Email Us today with any questions.

Lots of votes but not clear why
Spas amp Hot tubs in Port Orchard Caldera Hot Tubs Hot Tubs Spas
Spas, Hot tubs in Port Orchard, Hot Tubs, Gazebos, Kitsap Spas, Spas Kitsap, Billiards Kitsap, Billiards Port Orchard, Spa Chemicals, Pool Chemicals

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All Clear Professional Pool amp Spa Chemicals
Accessories · Spa Chemicals · Material Safety Data Sheets.

Over the top, deep down info.
Do39s and Don39ts for Pool and Spa Chemical Use

Lost in translation
Hot Tub and Spa Chemical Treatment and Care and Maintinance
Chemicals and water treatment info at Hot Tub Information central, the consumers choice for hot tubs and spas information.

Over rated, but still near top.
Aqua Pros Pools and Spas in Lynchburg Bedford and Charlottesville
BIOGUARD Pool and Spa Chemicals (since 1986) - Area’s Only Platinum Dealer. Tanning Beds (since 1986). Saunas and Hearth Products (since 1996)

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Spa and Hot Tub Chemicals and Accessories
Keep your spa looking its best! Aqua Superstore carries a complete line of spa accessories from the covers to the steps. We are continually adding

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AWESOME POOL PRODUCTS Chemical Free Pool Spa and Hot Tub Salt
Swimming Pool, Spa, and Hot Tub Salt Chlorine Generators, Ozone Generators, Ionizers, and Magna-Wrap Magnetic Conditioners.

Unsure what it is all about.
Nail Spa goes organic eliminates harsh chemicals
Jun 14, 2008 Nail Spa goes organic, eliminates harsh chemicals, Scottsdale-based spa Organicures Nail Spa is opening an eco-friendly place for manicures

Good links, good data, bad UI.
Swimming Pool and Spa Chemicals
The Blue Wave swimming pool and spa chemical line-up includes only the highest quality products. Manufactured using only the purest ingredients,

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Bell Pool and Spa San Antonio Hot Spring Spa Dealer Hot Tubs
Full Spa Showroom, Hot Spring Spa Parts, BioGuard Pool & Spa Chemicals, Water Lab. North West @ Bandera Road <-. 7015 Bandera Rd. San Antonio, Tx 78238

Clearly ok.
Budget Pools Spas Hot Tubs Pool Chemicals Pool Supplies
Budget Pools, Incorporated, 150 Newbury Street, Route 1, Peabody, Massachusetts, north of Boston, sells a complete line of quality above-ground pools, spas,

Confused and dazed but worth a look
Disposal of Household Pool and Spa Chemicals
The best way to dispose of pool and spa chemicals is to use them up or give them to someone that can. Alternatively, some household hazardous waste

Found this by searching.
Spas spa chemicals partsservice Santa Maria California.
Contact us in Santa Maria, California, for quality portable new and used hydrotherapy spas, spa chemicals,parts,service and replacement spa covers.

One of the better resources. spa chemicals hot tub chemicals
Spa care chemicals, chlorine, shock, algicide, hot tub care chemicals, SpaBoss chemicals, Zorbie, Spa Ball oil absorber, soft tub chemicals, spas, hot tubs,

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Chemical Free Water Treatment
Enjoy Your Spa! Save Yourself from the Spa Chemical Hassle - the Dry, Itchy Skin - the Smell that Won't Go Away - the Balancing - All the Hot Tub Supplies

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CNY Hot Tubs - Spas Hot Tubs Chemicals Accessories Parts
Hot tub and spa products at reasonable prices. Friendly and knowledgeable with 15+ years in the business. Top ranked Yahoo merchant since 2000.

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Fireplace inserts woodburning stoves patio furniture and spas
Welcome to Country Stove Patio & Spa, family owned and operated since 1981. Patio Spa Chemicals and Accessories Barbeque Grills and Accessories

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Discount Spas Hot Tubs Spas Hot Tub Covers Spa Chemicals
Discount Spas features brand name Hot Tubs, Spas and Spa Chemicals serving as a wholesale spa dealer that specializes in 100's of spas, hot tub, parts,

Some peoples favorite
Pool and Spa Chemicals from Great Lakes and BioLab Inc.
World's leading formulator of water treatment products for pool and spa that keep water clear and algae free.

Voted well.
No Chemical Swimming Pool and Spa Water Treatment by ECOsmarte
ECOsmarte's 100% Chlorine-Free Pools and Spas can get your family out of the chemicals today. Why expose your loved ones to known carcinogens?

Sometimes not as good as it could be, but mostly great.
Easy Times Hot Tubs - Spa Chemicals Parts Filters
Easy Times Hot Tubs offers new and used hottub sales, spa chemicals, filters, accessories, parts and service.

User Interface has some room for improvement.
Spa Chemicals - Buy Pool chemicals spa hottub swimming pool
Buy pool and spa chemicals, hot tub supplies by LeisureTime, Nature2, Robarb, GLB, SUN and more.

Some people really like what is here.
Great Lakes Pool and Spa - Hot Tubs Spas Pools amp Chemicals
We have hot tubs, spas, pools, saunas, gazebos, patio swings, and pool and spa chemicals in the Milwaukee and Waukesha areas.

Every snowflake in an avalanche pleads not guilty.
Green Valley Pool amp Patio Yuma AZ 85364 pool spa supplies
From chemicals to parts and equipment, we carry everything you need to all your questions and help you find exactly what you need for your pool or spa.

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Hot tub supplies spa chemicals covers parts amp accessories
Hot tub spa supplies, covers, chemicals, parts, pumps & heaters delivered in USA & Canada. Hot Tub Essentials has quality products & superior service.

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Spa Chem 101 Learn about chemicals
Sometimes dealing with the chemicals that are required to keep your hot tub water clean and well maintained can be a bit confusing. Relax.

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Hot Tub Chemicals Spa Accessories and Supplies for Hot Tubs and Pools
Hot Tub Products, Accessories and Chemicals for your hot tub, pool, and spa. Save big on chemicals and accessories for your hot tub or spa.

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Hot Tub and Home Spa Chemical Information
Hot Tubs and Home Spas is a highly informative website committed to providing consumers with valuable information about spas and hot tubs.

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Hot Tub Spa Covers - Filters - Chemicals - Supplies - Parts
Hot Tub Works offers hot tub parts and accessories including filters, covers, pumps, and heaters. Low prices on all hot tub supplies including brand name

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Hot Tubs To Go! Columbia Howard County DC Maryland MD
Hot Tubs To Go has been in business for 22 years selling spas and supplies for your hot tub. We supply spa chemicals, covers, parts, filters,

Dated information but mostly good.
Hydro Heaven - Spas Spa Chemicals Stoves Showrooms Services
"Hydro Heaven Spas & Stoves", located in Pismo Beach, California is pleased be looking for about a spa, or shop on-line for chemicals and accessories.

Better late than really late.
Plastic Chemical Resistance Charts
Lati S.p.A Plastic Chemical Resistance Chart. Engineering Plastics Lati S.p.A Chemical Resistance Chart. Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)

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Spa Chemicals - Sanitizing Chemicals for Spas amp Hot Tubs
Sanitizing chemicals for your spa or hot tub from In The Swim Discount spa supplies. Wholesale like prices on each spa chemical we sell,

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Leisure Time Spa Chemicals
We can help you with all your spa chemical needs Leisure Time Chemicals.

A lot of effort went into this well known site.
Pools above ground Leisure Time chemicals watercare Doughboy
A Source for Above Ground Pools, Spas, Chemicals, Parts, Pumps, Filters, Chemicals Try Our New Spa Chemicals Website · Leisure Time Spa Chemicals

The secret of true greatness is simplicity.
Leisure Time is your online source for water care advice, products, and answers to your pool and spa questions. It features an interactive Water Test and

Fine pointed data in a confusing format
Lincoln Aquatics - Spa Chemicals
Chemical Systems and Equipment Path: Shop > Chemicals >. Spa Chemicals 03-250 · Spa Perfect Commercial, 5 gallon, $244.25

User suggest this site and it seems appropriate.
Living the Spa Life Your direct source for spa filters covers
We feature spa covers for any hot tub, a broad selection of spa filters and service parts, hot tub chemicals, and a variety of hot tub and spa "must haves"

Excellent but not always on topic.
Nova Spa A Chemical Free Alternative To Spa Maintenance
Nova Spa Water Conditioner naturally cleans bacteria from your hot tub or spa water without harsh chemicals. Nova Spa is a bio-based enzyme product that is

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Eliminate Spa Chemicals with All Natural Naturel Spa
The Carefree Spa - All-Natural Products for a Clean, Odor-Free, Crystal-Clear Spa with No Toxic Chemicals.

Dazed and confused but worth a look
Spa Parts for Hot Tubs Chemicals and Supplies
Spa parts, hot tub parts, spa chemicals and hot tub accessories of all kinds. Easy online shopping, shop with confidence at Northcoast Spa.

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Pool amp Spa Supplies Chemicals amp Cleaners - North East Pool Store
Flat rate $8.95 handling fee with free delivery of pool and spa supplies, cleaners & accessories. Call Toll Free 1-866-475-5694.

Not the brintanica
Swimming Pool Chemicals Swimming Pool Supplies - Hot tub
fective, safe, easy to use, swimming pool chemicals, hot tub chemicals, swimming pool supplies, hot tub supplies and spa chemicals and supplies.

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Par Pool amp Spa aboveground pools spas hot tubs BioGuard - pools, spas, BioGuard chemicals,, Pools, pool accessories, filters, pumps, heaters, BioGuard chemicals, Soft Swim

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Pentair Water Pool and Spa - Pool Tips Chemicals
Pool Tips: Chemicals. Chemicals. Pool Tips. Pentair Water Pool and Spa® your pool's pH and free chlorine levels daily, adding chemicals as needed.

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Hot Tub Dealer Lancaster PA - Spas Hot Tubs Spa Accessories
Pleasant Valley Spas - A dealer for new hot tubs, spas, spa covers, spa parts, spa covers, chemicals, hot tub filters and other spa supplies.

Some good info, but strange url
Hot Tub Spa Supplies Swimming Pool Supply - Hot Tub Spa Parts
You have just discovered the world's oldest & largest swimming pool and hot tub spa web site with over 5000 pages of information, swimming pool chemicals

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Master Spas Down East Filters Direct
Spas & Hot Tubs; Pools; Pool Chemicals; Pool Filters; Spa / Hot Tub Accessories; Pool Accessories; Casual Furniture - Outdoor; Casual Furniture - Wicker

Listings mostly new, but time will tell.
Pool and spa chemicals discount pool supplies at
Swimming pool care is easy with discount pool supplies and proper swimming pool cleaning equipment. Pool and spa chemicals are all right here.

Not for everyone, but the information seems very appropriate.
Leisure Time Spa amp Hot Tub Chemicals -Pools Etc Inc 800-464-9898
We carry quality spa chemicals at discount prices for fast shipping.

At least three stars Home Page
Your online resource for premium pool and spa care chemicals.

Ok, but could be better.
Swimming Pool Accessories amp Supplies Hot Tub Supplies Learn
Expert info on swimming pool accessories & hot tub supplies from Pool & Spa Living Magazine. Free articles, manufacturer info, buyers' guides,

Good resources, hard to navigate.
Pool Supplies Spa Chemicals Nature2 Pool Slides Diving Boards
Offering pools, as well as chemicals and supplies.

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Pool Supply World - Your Online Pool Supply for Pool Filters Pool
Pool Supply World is the answer to all of your hot tub and spa needs, from portable to full spas to infrared saunas, spa chemicals to alternative sanitizers

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Premier Spas amp Patios Hot Tubs Swim Spas BBQ Islands
Since 1998, Premier Spas has been providing Northern Nevada and the High Sierra with the finest hot tubs, swim spas, chemicals and spa care products,

The eggs teach the hen.
1Ram Chemical - Pool Chemicals - Hot Tub and Spa Algecides
Manufacturer of a complete line of pool and spa chemicals.

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hot tub spa chemicals spa supplies spa accessories spa covers
A complete selection of hot tub and spa chemicals, spa supplies, spa accessories and spa covers. Free shipping and low low prices.

Web site with potential and work shows.
Seven Stars - Spa amp Hottub Parts Covers Chemicals - Tucson Arizona
Spa & Hottub Parts and Chemicals. Seven Stars Enterprises. 2523 N Stone, Tucson, AZ 85705. 520-882-2832. Toll Free 1-866-430-8400. <>

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Hayward Spa Filters Swimming Pool Pump Filter Parts Hot Tub
Our product catalog includes above ground swimming pools, pool cleaners, spa chemicals, replacement cartridge filters, and spa covers, as well as home and

Visitor suggest this site because of information.
Southern Illinois Pool amp Spa in Eldorado IL - BioGuard Pool
Our convenient store carries anything that you might need for your pool or spa, too. We feature the BioGuard pool and spa chemicals to assure your family of

Heavy duty information
Softub Chemicals specializes in softub soft tub spa chemical
SOftub CHemicals offers a wide variety of softub, soft tub, spa chemical, spa supply, spa product, spa accessory, spa filter, spa gift, softcare, soft spa.

Be curious, not judgemental. (Walt Whitman)
Softub Chemicals - Softub Accessories
In addition to our Softub line of products, we also offer several other hot tub and spa brands, as well as accessories, chemicals, toys and supplies at our

Some random web page with good info.
SPA Essentials
Spa Essentials® - Beautiful Spa Water The Easy Way. Spa Care Accessories Rapidly dissolving granules for regular sanitizing and oxidizing of spa water.

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The Spa Chemicals Web Site has moved - Please Update Your Bookmark
Please click on the link and then update the bookmark in your browser so you can return to the new location.

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spa chemicals online - source discount pool supply storage boxes
spa chemicals online - your primary source in Iowa for discount pool supply, storage boxes.

Basic site with good info.
Hot tub covers spa covers cover lifts and spa accessories
No need to measure-it's easy to order with your spa brand! Our covers don't get waterlogged & heavy! Great deals on spa chemicals & cleaners!

Anguished and torn but interesting
Hot Tubs Spas Hot Tub Covers Spa Chemicals - Spa Depot
Discount Dealer Spa Depot has Hot Tubs, Spas, Chemicals, best buy portable home spas & supplies. Manufacturer of covers, filters, spa parts & accessories.

Detailed but specific
Welcome to SpaGuard!

Not my cup of tea, but worthwhile data.
Hot tub spa magic water chemicals natural solution home spa
Wash away the grime in your home spa with our environmentally friendly, hot tub chemical cleaner from Lake Stevens, Washington.

General Info.
Spa Parts Depot
Spa Chemicals For more than 25 years, Leisure Time has been the premier name in spa water care. Air Buttons & Access. Len Gordon, Herga, PATROL & Tecmark

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1st Class Spas and Stoves
Purchase spa chemicals, cleaners and accessories online 1st Class Spas and Stoves Online Store has all the Spa Chemicals, Accessories

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Hot Tub Spa Filter Cartridges Covers Chemicals Nature2 - Your Home for Pool and Spa brand name products like Hot Tubs, Pool and Spa Filter Cartridge, Covers, Cover lifters, Chemicals,

Not the best but not the worst, ranked.
SUNSHINE POOL PRODUCTS Chemical Free Pool Spa and Hot Tub Salt
Manufacturer of Chemical Free Pool, Spa, and Hot Tub Salt Generators, Ozone Generators, Ionizers, and Magna-Wrap Magnetic Conditioners.

Batteries not included.
American Swimming Pool and Spa Association
*Provide details on the importance of safe handling, storage & application of pool and spa chemicals *Explain unusual and inherent hazards presented while

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United Chemical Corporation
The Hamilton Index™, was developed by a pool technician for the pool & spa industry. This index was tested, by field service and research, over a period of

General and specific
The source for Spa Products amp Cosmetic Chemicals
Whether you’re buying for yourself or your store, spa or clinic, we look forward to supplying your essential oils and body care needs!

More than meets the eye
Tropi Clear Pool amp Spa Chemicals - Complete Line of Quality Pool Care
Tropi Clear® Chemicals are the finest, purest pool and spa chemicals available in the United States. Millions of pool and spa owners rely on Tropi Clear®

The Listings are old, but some are new.
Water Quality amp Health Council - Pools and Spas - Safety First
use floor sweeping compounds when cleaning up pool chemicals. Do read the product label. add each pool and spa chemical separately, Do not dispose of

A day for firm decisions! Or is it?
YouTube - Setting Up Spa Chemicals- How To Drain amp Clean A Hot Tub Spa TV - How To Drain & Clean A Hot Tub Spa - Section 9 - Setting Up The Chemicals - How-To Video - Section 9 of 11.

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