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How often should I replace my hot tub filter? This actually depends on what kind of filter you have. Some filters are very big. Some filters are very small. Some filters need to be cleaned more than others. Others do not. It really all depends. My recommendation is that you read the inside of your direction manual to get the exact specifications. But a good rule of thumb: If it is falling apart, and there are cracks in the pleating, and the core appears to be ruined, then it's probably a good time to start getting serious about your cedar hot tub and take the next step toward changing your hot tub filter.

My understanding is that some hot tub covers are actually made of aluminum. This is interesting because aluminum can be molded. Mold the aluminum cover to the top of the hot tub, and you have an ideal spa for your gazebo. My aluminum is so bright that it sometimes is too shiny. Even the neighbors have complained. So I covered it with a leather cover. I picked parchment at first but now I am thinking about rainbow but I can't find anyone who sells hot tub covers in the color of nature's greatest gift.

The nice thing about having a portable hot tub is that you don't have to worry about disease and/or transmissible diseases because the thing isn't going to be set up that long. But you should "shock" the hot tub on occasion anyway, which means using a prescribed chemical stew you can get from your discount hot tub dealer to make sure the vat is cleaned out. Granulated chlorine or monopersulfates seem to work very well for this cause. The bottom line is this: We sure have come a long way from the olden days of just having a wooden shell filled with hot water to sit in!

Some spa chemicals are so filled with chlorine that your eyes will actually sting and your skin will begin to uncomfortably scratch! I have heard of people's hair actually falling out over time and people's clothes becoming permanently bleached and destroyed, (for those rare few who wear their clothes in their hot tubs). I think the key with spa chemical water is that you look at it like it is makeup: You put it on but don't know it is there. Your friends and relatives come over and think it is absolutely pure spa water but don't realize it is filled with safe, natural spa chemicals.

There are a lot of rules to remember when you buy a hot tub filter. One of these is to make sure that the spa runs at least one hour a day, even if no one is using it. This ensures that the spa chemicals are circulating a nice, high rate and are killing those diseases. But it also makes sure that the filter is being worked. Just like a car that needs to be driven, you spa chemicals need to be emitted. Your discount hot tub needs to be cleaned like never before and the petrified bones found in the diatomaceous earth filters are a good place to start!

Hot tub decks really need to be constructed carefully. You should have about nine posts - and make them all 4X4's. Your stringers should be 2X10's, your joists 2X6's, and your headers, angle braces and blocking all 2X6's as well. If you don't get the measurements right on your hot tub deck, then you run the risk of having all that hot water and spa chemicals spilling in your yard. This would be bad for your hot tub deck.

Any time you go to a friend's house and use their portable hot tub, I recommend taking a hot steam shower afterwards. I don't care if there is a nice sound system and it looks as though they are using all the proper spa chemicals, dangerous diseases can sometimes sit in the microbial world and come down to haunt you. A lot of people don't know how to maintain a proper ph balance and alkalinity in their portable hot tub because they don't have a normal hot tub that goes through the daily cleansing and know-how. Your portable hot tub is just like a plant and it needs to have an iota of respect.

When I want instant hydrotherapy and relaxation, I set up my outdoor fiberglass portable hot tub. While it may not have all the jets and perks of normal hot tubs, it still delivers the hot water. This is because it is equipped with a heater. I like to sit out in the middle of the night and pretend that I am actually in the natural hot springs of mother-nature, and imagine that there is a waterfall hitting my back. The crickets don't seem to mind me, although the spa chemicals do affect them here and there.

The raised seating material for your hot tub deck should all be made out of 2X6's and 2X4's. Whether you have plates, studs, or joists, it is imperative you keep them at these measurements. I recommend redwood but cedar will also work. Redwood is nice because of its ability to be impervious to water over time, and it has a nice red finish. It's amazing to me that after putting 5 pounds of nails into your deck, you will have something that looks like it is made out of wood rather than metal!

I have begun to store my old hot tub cover on my deck. My deck is made out of cedar just like the hot tub cover, so it fits in without sticking out. The last thing I want is to have Gary seeing that the spa speakers have been trounced in the process. But that's okay because he's really focused on the spa lock right now. The spa lock actually locks the hot tub cover! It was either this, he said, or put the hot tub down into the ground and put mud and trees over it so it wouldn't be seen. I think his biggest concern is making sure that the little kids in the neighborhood don't pee in it, and if they do, it's on top of our yellow parchment hot tub cover.

Concrete is often a primary factor when you are endeavoring on a hot tub installation project. Four inches thick with a solid cure will insure that your hot tub doesn't melt through the ground. Because let's face it: A hot tub is big and heavy, much like an elephant. After a short amount of time, if there is no solid concrete base, you risk actually losing your hot tub within the soft, quicksand like soil.

One especially tricky part about your own hot tub installation is doing the plumbing. If you decide to dig a pipeline yourself out to the hot tub make sure to consult with the electrical company first. You don't want to run into any underground power lines. Doing your own hot tub installation is certainly a risk you run, but it can also be very fun. Just make sure that you have taken the proper precautionary measures in installing your hot tub. It's not just about wondering if your hot tub is cedar or redwood and saving money. It's about making sure you're still alive when it's all done.

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Hot Tub Use during Pregnancy and the Risk of Miscarriage -- Li et
Association of use of a hot tub or Jacuzzi* during pregnancy with the risk of miscarriage, Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program, Oakland, California,

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Hot Tub Care and Maintenance Learning the importance of keeping
May 30, 2008 When it comes to hot tub care and maintenance, there are many different things to consider. In this article, we will explore some of these

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Discount Spas Spa Chemicals Indoor amp Portable Hot Tubs Spas
Call today to find out more about the All Natural Water Care system today. 1-(888) 864-9300. Built for a Lifetime With thousands of spas, hot tubs,

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Is Pregnancy Lost in the Hot Tub - Journal Watch Dermatology
To determine whether hot tub use is associated with . . . of the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program soon after they became pregnant in 1996-1998.

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Zen Springs-East Bay The Finest Hot Tub amp Sauna Rental Spa
Luxurious Asian-Style Spa with Indoor Hot Tub, Sauna and Steam. Romantic Private Spa Suite; Advance Skin Care & Nail Care; Full Body Spa Treatment

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Hot Tub Cover Lifter - Add Ease and Convenience
In general, a cover is imperative component of your hot tub care. When you buy a hot tub cover, you will find that lifting it is a difficult job.

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Hillbilly Hottub Instant Hot Tub Just Add Water and Quicklime
Apr 18, 2008 This is how you make a hot tub hillbilly style Three guys from the swear we were rollin' that stuff around without a care in the world.

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Swimming Pools amp Hot Tubs Information for Homeowners
Hot Tub Spa Information -- The "Spaclopedia" has a number of articles on hot tub care--just be aware they are a spa dealer and trying to get you to buy

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Hot Tub Maintenance - Sales on Accessories Hot Tubs - NationWide
Jun 25, 2008 hot tub repair service hot tub care and maintenance cleaning a hot tub hot tub hot tub accessories hot tub care hot tub chemical

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Hot tub use while trying to conceive Can heat affect male fertility
I've heard that men who are trying to conceive should not be in the hot tub because it affects the sperm count. Is this true?

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Spa and Hot Tub Cover Care and Conditioner 1 Pint price comparison
Compare Spa and Hot Tub Cover Care and Conditioner 1 Pint prices before you buy to make sure you get the best deal. Find a list of Spa and Hot Tub Cover

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Health Application to Operate Public Pool Hot Tub Spa and Beach
Primary Care Practice Opportunities Commonwealth regulations for public swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and beaches:

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Affordable Spas amp Hot Tubs Sale. Visit us! You save Money!
Want an, Affordable, Spa, Hot Tub, Swim Spa, Gazebo, Pool, Sauna, Chemicals, Aloha and Hawaiian fiberglass pools are fast to install, easy to care for,

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Hot Tubs during Pregnancy American Pregnancy Association
Hot tubs can raise a womans body temperture to an unsafe level during pregnancy on this site herein should be discussed with a health care professional.

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Home - Home and Garden -
Let us get into the basic facts of hot tub care let us look at some items that tend to get overlooked . detergent and body oils are unfavorable to keeping a

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Hot Tub and Spa Chemical Treatment and Care and Maintinance
Chemicals and water treatment info at Hot Tub Information central, the consumers choice for hot tubs and spas information.

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Spa Chemical Hot Tub Chemicals Hottub Chemicals Spa and Hot
Spa & Hot Tub Chemicals. The pool chemicals line-up includes only the highest quality products. Spa Chemical - Discount Hot Tub Care Supply.

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Hot Tub Maintenance How to Care for Your Backyard Get-away
Maintaining a spa can be accomplished by a 5 year old, when you having the correct knowledge and maintenance products. Here is a guide to maintaining your

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When can I take a bath or a hot tub again after delivery - BabyCenter
Talk to your care provider for exact instructions. As for the hot tub, I'd be more cautious. Because the water isn't drained after every use,

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Hot Tubs - The Bad Fads Museum
Though very similar to spas, Jacuzzis and whirlpool baths, hot tubs were Complete Guide to Spa and Hot Tub Care VHS. The Complete Hot Tub Planner

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Is Eczema Herpeticum Associated with the Use of Hot Tubs

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Complete Guide To Spa amp Hot Tub Care DVD Unknown -
Complete Guide To Spa & Hot Tub Care : DVD. Complete Guide To Spa & Hot Tub Care DVD. Click here to write a review of this item

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Caldera Spas Premium Hot Tubs amp Spa Accessories
Hot tubs by Caldera Spas--offering the ultimate hydrotherapy experience, matching the Water care is much easier with our SPA FROG® in-line system.

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California Backyard Hot Tub Care and Maintenance
Once per week, the hot tub water should be "shocked" with either CARE-FREE BOOST, or the product included with your system for the purpose.

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Carefree Spas amp Pools LLC - Colorado39s 1 Hot Tub Source For 31
Colorado's #1 Hot Tubs. Top rated in quality hot tubs, Aqua Finesse, spa care product, spa repairs anc customer service. Carefree Spas serves Highlands

Sometimes odd pages have great stuff spa chemicals hot tub chemicals
Spa care chemicals, chlorine, shock, algicide, hot tub care chemicals, SpaBoss chemicals, Zorbie, Spa Ball oil absorber, soft tub chemicals, spas, hot tubs,

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3rd case of Legionnaires39 disease linked to McHenry hot tub
Jun 14, 2008 3rd case of Legionnaires' disease linked to McHenry hot tub Health Care service corp. Graphic Designer. Verinon. Development Director

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Hot Tubs amp Spas Professional Cleaning Service - Walsh39s Hot Tub Care
Professional home cleaning of hot tubs and spas. We take care of your hot tub or spa so you can relax and enjoy it!

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Caldera Spas-Hot Tubs-Pools-Grills of Provo amp Orem Utah
We have the largest supply and selection in Utah County and provide a complete line of spas, hot tubs, pool care products and accessories.

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Hot Tub Hot Tubs and Spas Dimension One Spas and Hot Tubs
Spa Water Care and Maintenance. Spa Care Guide · Quick Start Guide. Service. Spa Specifications - Current Year. @Home Hot Tubs

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Hot Tub Therapy For People With Diabetes - Diabetes Health
May 22, 2008 "These results suggest that hot tub therapy should be further . Diane Pearson, RN, CDE, founder of Diabetes Care Consultants in San Diego

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eMedicine - Pseudomonas Folliculitis Article by Stephen J Krivda
Medical Care. P aeruginosa is usually a self-limited infection, . Gregory DW, Schaffner W. Pseudomonas infections associated with hot tubs and other

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Easy Times Hot Tubs - Spa Chemicals Parts Filters
Easy Times Hot Tubs offers new and used hottub sales, spa chemicals, filters, Hot Tub Care Guide:. Filling Your Hot Tub · Balancing the Water

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How to Maintain Hot Tubs
How to Maintain a Hot Tub. Recommended Hot Tub Care Maintenance Routine. This guide has been written with the view of making you hot tub water extremely

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Hot Tub Trends - HomeownerNet
But a hot tub is more than just a place to relax and unwind. changeable lighting and hands-off water-care techniques -- make hot tubs hotter than ever.

UI is good, many levels of interest here.
basic spa and hot tub care and use information
hot tub & spa care and use information. Here are some basic tips on using your hot tub or spa that are occasionally over looked.

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Hot Tub Water Care and Spa Maintenance - Spa Accessories
Hot tub accessories for your spa are now available online through the world's leading spa manufacturer, Hot Spring Spas. Hot tub chemicals, vinyl spa

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Hot Tub Hot Tubs - Hot Tub Guide
How hard is it to maintain a hot tub? How much time do I have to spend taking care of it? What should be covered in a hot tub warranty? Who takes care of my

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Spa Chem 101 Learn about chemicals
Mineral Spa Care: You can use mineral systems to assist, but not entirely replace, your sanitizers in keeping your hot tub clear of contamination.

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Hot Tub Chemicals Spa Accessories and Supplies for Hot Tubs and Pools
Hot Tub Products, Accessories and Chemicals for your hot tub, pool, and spa. Save big on chemicals and accessories for your hot tub or spa. Save on Hot Tub

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Spa Covers Hot Tub Covers Spa Filters Hot Tub Chemicals Parts
Chemical Troubleshooting - Keeping your spa water sanitized and balanced Spa Care Guide - Keeping your hot tub clean and happy

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Hot Tub Spa Care Columbia Howard County DC Maryland MD
Hot Tub, Spa Care , Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia, DC, Howard County, Maryland, MD.

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Hot Tub Preventive Care and Maintenance
If you own a hot tub and wish to continue enjoying the tranquility of soaking in after a tiring and aching day, preventive care and maintenance is a must.

Dated information but mostly good.
Winterize Your Hot Tub - Protecting Delicate Spa Parts
The folks at your local discount hot tub supply will have expert information and lower costs for your chemicals and cleaning supplies. Take care of your hot

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Care of Faucets and Fixtures - Keidel Bath Plumbing Kitchens
To prevent bacterial growth in Whirlpool and Hot Tub piping, See:Whirlpools, Hot Tubs & Bacterial Infections for more information, back to top

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Hot Tub Accessories amp Chemicals - Marquis SpaBoutique
range of spa accessories and chemicals to cover all your hot tub needs. SpaCareTM provides you maintenance products to ease spa care – inside,

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Hot Tubs Risk Factor For Male Infertility
Exposure to hot baths or hot tubs can lead to male infertility, to "treat your body like a temple: Eat well, sleep well and take good care of yourself.

Sometimes lock ups but good
Walshs Hot Tub Care Western Washington State Olympia WA 98501
Get discount coupons for Walshs Hot Tub Care and other Olympia, WA local merchants. Professional Hot Tub Cleaning.

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Home - pool store pool service spa hot tub pool service technic
Based in Stafford, VA, Monarch Pool Care is a locally owned business offering a variety of services for in-ground and above ground pools and spas.

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MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia Hot tub folliculitis
Physical examination combined with a history of recent hot tub use are sufficient for your health care provider to make this diagnosis.

Mostly a very good resources, but sometimes hard to find what you are looking for.
Olympic Hot Tub Company - Hot Spring Spas Portable Hot Tubs and
Just ask Alice to help you choose the right hot tub, or let EverCare™ simplify your hot tub care. You'll discover that the Olympic Experience makes choosing

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Hot Tub Buying Guide -
With just a little care, your home spa will last for years, bringing you relaxation and fun the whole time. Advancements in hot tub technology have made

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Spa amp Hot tub care questions and FAQ39s - Main Par Pool amp Spa
Spa & Hot tub care questions and FAQ's, SpaGuard spa chemicals, hot tub chemicals, Soft Soak, Baqua Spa, foamy water, cloudy water, bacteria, cleaning,

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Hot Tub Customer Care -
Hot tubs and hot spas, supplies, accessories, and parts at discount prices.

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PDC Spas Spa and Hot Tub manufacturers offering 12 Exclusive
Call our hot tub factory experts 1.800.451.1420, About PDC . hair care, kitchen, skin care, body and home care stanley products for easy cleaning from

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Swimming Pool Care Spa Care and Hot Tub Care - Do It Yourself Site
Swimming Pool Care, Spa Care, Hot Tub Care Tips, Help and Top Pick Online Links.

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Plattsburg Pool amp Hot Tub
Welcome to Plattsburg Pool & Hot Tub we offer a complete line of GLB pool and Rendezvous hot tub water care products. As well as Honey Spa, Beachcomber Hot

One of the better resources. - Pool Care Pool Information Pool Maintenance - Pool Care, Pool Information, Pool Maintenance, Spa Information, Swimming Pool Care, Swimming Pool Mainenance, Hot Tub Information, Hot Tub

Some good info, but strange url
Softub models and hot tub accessories - Spa care with Chlor
Pools and Spas To Go and 866SoftTub offers a full line of softub chemicals, softub filters, and softub accessories for softubs and softtub.

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Leisure Time Spa amp Hot Tub Chemicals -Pools Etc Inc 800-464-9898
Keep your hot tubs well balanced and crystal clear with our complete line of spa Spa Care Kit- Bromine; Spa Care Kit - Chlorine; Spa Care Kit - Ozone

Not the best but not the worst, ranked.
Install A Backyard Hot Tub - Popular Mechanics
I WOULD LIKE TO INSTALL HOT TUB ON MY BACKYARD ASAP BUT WE LIVE IN TOWNHOUSE, Natural lawn care used to be a novelty. Now it includes effective

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swimming pool construction service long island hot tub and spas
Swimming pool design, installation, construction, service, spas, hot tubs on Long Island, NY with both vinyl pool and Gunite pool services.

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Just in Time for Spring Spa and Hot Tub Care and Maintenance Tips
Mar 21, 2008 Just in Time for Spring: Spa and Hot Tub Care and Maintenance Tips from HotTubWorks, the Leading Online Retailer of Spa Supplies - on

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RealClearPolitics - Articles - Hot-Tub Libertarians
May 16, 2006 Health Care, Not Social Security, the Third Rail of 2008 . So, libertarians: It's time to get out of that hot tub! Put down that wrench!

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Spa and Hot tub information
Information and help for spa and hottub owners. Water-care, repairs, more info Water Care & Problems · Leisure Time's Spa Care Guide

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We purchased a cal spa hot tub less then 5 years ago. of Indianapolis would take care of the problem. statistics show that 90% OF HOT TUBS ARE OUTSIDE.

Site is ok and data is better.
Home of San Diego Hot Tub Rentals 858-578-TUBB (8822)
Hot Tub Candles Hot Tub Rental Body Work San Diego Hot Tub Rentals Manicure San Diego Hot Tub Rentals Pedicure. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of the

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Hot Tub amp Sauna Pros in Colorado
Aqua Care / Ruby Mechanical Service since 1993, specializing in Heating systems, solar heating, swimming pools, hot tubs Service and Repair.

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Comfort Line Products Spa2go Portable Hot Tub
Comfort Line Products Spa2go Portable Hot Tub Price Range $799 - $815. See only offers from Amazon (2). Spa2Go Green Portable Spa & Combo Care Pack

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Roman Polanski Wanted and Desired reviewed. - By Troy Patterson
Jun 12, 2008 apparently leaving his palace on Mulholland Drive in the care of Anjelica And then the 13-year old girl in the hot tub and well,

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Care Free Boost - Hot Tub Spa by Sound
To correct, remove cover from your hot tub and add 1 oz per 250 US gallons of Care-Free Boost to your hot tub water while the jets are on high speed.

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America39s SPA-MART Hot Tub Covers Jacuzzi Cover Lifts Spa
Hot tub cover lifts by Leisure Concepts, Cover Valet and more Hot Tub Care Products; Spa Sanitizers · Water Balance · Non-Chlorine Shock Agents

More than just a top result - Get spa parts spa covers hot tub filters and other offers a full selection of spa parts and spa accessories such as pumps, hot tub filters, spa chemicals, heaters, fragrances and more.

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Spas amp Hot Tubs Care Repair amp Maintenance Information Spa-Cyclopedia
SpaCyclopedia: Internet's comprehensive knowledge base of hot tubs & spas information. Everything you ever wanted to know about spa hot tubs.

Top listed on many sites, not sure why, but some people think so.
Premier Online Spa and Hot Tub Resource Center spa and hot tub
From the first non-chlorine shock, GLB's Oxy-Brite®, to the latest in enzyme products and chlorine-free hot tub care, Advantis has always been on the

Web site with potential and work shows.
The Spa Specialist - Hot tub spas and Hot tub forum
Our remote service people take care of any concerns with our customers hot tubs and spas. Lowest prices for the highest level of quality and reliability of

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Spring Dance Hot Tubs
If you're already a hot tub owner, check out our tips in the service and spa care sections, and visit our Online Store to see what ancillary products strike

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Indoor Hot Tub - What You Need To Know Information And Web Site
Bacteria are a concern regardless of the number of people using the indoor hot tub. Taking care of those small details will mean a better experience for

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Laramie Spa amp Hot Tub Dealers in Laramie WY Yellow Pages by SuperPages
Find Spa & Hot Tub Dealers in Laramie maps with reviews, websites, phone numbers, Our Dealers are pool and spa care professionals. Expect great care!

Visitor suggest this site because of information.
Hot Tubs and Spas from ThermoSpas
Portable hot tubs and spas that are luxurious, affordable, and custom built to match your needs and budget. Hot Tub Trade-Ins. › Customer Care

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Interstitial Lung Disease in a Hot Tub User
Interstitial Lung Disease in a Hot Tub User. Mouhammed Rihawi, M.D.. Senior fellow, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

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Tru Day Spa San Francisco - Skin Care Massage Therapy and Nail
Distributor of SeneGence skin care products, semi-permanent cosmetics, Build a hot tub, spa or swim spa yourself with a proven hot tub building method

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Hot Tub Rash (Pseudomonas Folliculitis) in Adults Condition
Hot Tub Rash (Pseudomonas Folliculitis): Condition information and pictures for adults - Self-Care Guidelines. Hot tub rash (Pseudomonas folliculitis) is an

Data is not always up to date, but otherwise very good. Garden amp Patio Hot Tubs amp Saunas
See all Hot Tubs & Saunas · Accessories · Accessories. From spa steps to care kits, we have all the hot tub and sauna accessories you need here.

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Orlando Florida Hot Tubs Spas Dealer
Care for your Hot Tub · Orlando Hot Tub Dealer Location . Horsepower will not add to the performance of a spa if meticulous care has not been given to

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